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Tronex® Pliers

By customer request, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads carries Tronex® jewelry-making pliers. Learn all about the available pliers and why you’ll love these ergonomic jewelry tools in this product spotlight.

Using Gem Setting Pliers

Using your gem setting pliers the right way will make the job easier and reduce the risk of marring your stones and settings.

UNIVERSAL™ Magical Crimper Pliers

Jewelry designer Rose can't help but be excited when telling you about a pair of magical crimping pliers that turns a crimp tube into a round crimp bead. Don't blink, you might miss it!

Using Split Ring Pliers

Split ring pliers make it a snap to use sometimes-challenging split rings. Watch as jewelry designer Arbel demonstrates how to use this handy tool.

Using Memory Wire Finishing Pliers

Wyatt White from Beadalon® shows off a wonderful tool for working with memory wire. You'll wonder how you ever designed memory wire jewelry without them.

Using Loop-Closing Pliers

Loop-closing pliers are designed to close open rings, like jumprings. The notch in each half of the jaw holds the ring stable during the process.

Using EUROTOOL® Coil Cutting Pliers

Place coiled wire in the open coil-cutting tool.

Using Banding Pliers to Wire Wrap a Crystal Passions® Fancy Stone

EUROTOOL® Beader's Delight Pliers

This video demonstrates how versatile the EUROTOOL® Beader’s Delight Pliers are. From cutting wire to creating loops, follow along to see all you can do with these pliers.

Wolf Tools® Groovy Looping Pliers

See how to create consistent same size loops from jewelry wire with the Wolf Tools® Groovy Looping pliers in this product show-and-tell led by in-house jewelry designer Alice Gershowitz.

EUROTOOL® Nylon Jaw Looping Pliers

In-house jewelry designer Jamie Smedley shows the benefit of EUROTOOL® nylon jaw pliers when working with jewelry-making wire you don’t want to mar or scratch.

Making a Square Pendant with Wubbers® Jumbo Square Mandrel Pliers

Patti Bullard, PhD and inventor of Wubbers® jewelry-making pliers, walks you through the steps on how to create a pendant out of Argentium® silver wire with the square mandrel pliers, butane torch and texturing hammer.

How to Use the Wubbers® Looping Pliers

This how-to video with Wubbers® inventor Patti Bullard shows you how to save time and energy on jewelry-making projects with Wubbers looping pliers.

How to Use the Wubbers® Square Mandrel Pliers

Follow along with Patti Bullard, PhD, owner and designer of Wubbers® Pliers as she shows you how to make crisp, consistent square and rectangular shapes in jewelry wire with her square mandrel pliers.

How to Use Dimple Forming Pliers

Love the look of embellished metal pieces? This video from Anni Pennington shows you how to use dimple-making pliers to decorate your jewelry components.

How to Use the Wubbers® Half-Round Mandrel Pliers

Follow along with the creator of Wubbers® Pliers to see how the half-round mandrel pliers make it easy to form consistent shapes with jewelry wire for creating complicated designs easily and quickly.

Using EUROTOOL® Four-in-One Beader's Delight Pliers

What can you do with the stainless steel Four-in-One Beader’s Design pliers by EUROTOOL®? Almost everything you can with a whole set of jewelry pliers. Jewelry designer Esther Pollock shows how to use these multi-purpose pliers that feature a long...

How to Use the Wubbers® Oval Mandrel Pliers

Learn to make consistent oval jewelry supplies from wire, bezel strips and sheet metal as you follow along with this oval mandrel pliers tutorial led by the inventor of Wubbers® Pliers, Patti Bullard, PhD.

How to Use the Wubbers® Triangular Mandrel Pliers

Patti Bullard, PhD--inventor of Wubbers® Pliers--shows how to use the triangular mandrel pliers to form consistent 3-sided jewelry components with wire, bezel strips or sheet metal.

How to Use Beadalon® Double Banding Pliers

The Beadalon® double banding pliers are an amazingly handy tool to use when you want to secure double thickness of square wire. See for yourself!
162 Resource(s) Found
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